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Brian Lyster

FreeSki Coach
Title: FreeSki Coach

I grew up in Westfield, VT ten minutes from Jay Peak. I was a member of the Jay Peak Racing Team from age eight to fourteen. I have many fond memories of those days and, although it was geared toward racing, what I enjoyed most was the free skiing with friends and coaches. There were no parks back then, but my friends and I would spend every free moment hitting every jump we could find on the hill, and we knew where they all were. When my family joined SNSC two years ago I took a lot of pleasure in knowing that my boys Ben (8) and Owen (6) would enjoy the same experiences that I had as a kid. I went to UVM and continued to spend a lot of days at Jay. After graduation in 1992, I made the move out west for a couple of years. The first year was in Sun Valley, Idaho, the second in Whistler, BC. I hit the snow cycles perfectly for these years, and got in 100-plus days each year honing my skills on the big mountains.
As often happens with Vermonters, I was pulled back home after a couple of years. I took up telemarking for a new challenge the first year back and am still at it today. In 1995, I moved to Pittsfield, MA for a job where I met Bryan Salatino and really got the tele bug and got into backcountry skiing. In 1999 I moved back to Vermont once again where I met my wife, moved to Underhill (where we are today), and started a family in 2005. In 2011, my family joined SNSC and officially became Smuggs skiers. We love the mountain and being part of the club. I am now looking forward to my first year in this coaching position.