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David Wood

Title: Snowboard Coach
Roles: Snowboard Instructor | Coach: Snowboard Team / 1-Day

I began skiing in 1982 and loved it. I skied every chance I could in flat Massachusetts. In 1985 I began skateboarding. In the back of skateboard magazines I would see ads for snowboards and I knew that was what I wanted to do, but it wasn't allowed anywhere near me. By 1990 snowboards were allowed and I bought a snowboard before I ever rode one and never looked back. I have been involved with skateboarding and snowboard industries since 1992 working for Eastern Boarder until 2000. I moved to Vermont in 2001 and started talent skate with my wife Hannah. We now live in Jericho with our 2 daughters, run Talent, and snowboard as much as we can all winter.