Registration is now open for the 2021 Smugglers' NotcH Extreme Challange...

Dates: MArch 4th & 5th 2021

Follow the Link Below to register.

health check link below..

this must be done 24 hrs prior to the event in order to compete.

Jr Event is on March 4th  — Link below

Adult Event is March 5th — Link below

T-Bar Throwdown
T- Bar Throwdown March 13th & 14th

SNSC February Events

NVC U14 Calendar 2021

Feb 7th Men at Cochran’s SL

Feb 14 Women at Burke GS

Feb 20th Men at Burke GS

Feb 21 Women at Cochrans SL

NVC U16 Calendar 2021

Feb 9th Women at GMVS GS

Feb 9th Men at Stowe GS

Feb 17th Women at Burke SL

Feb 25th Women at GMVS GS

Feb 25th Men at Okemo GS

Feb 28th Men at Cochran’s SL

SNSC March Events

NVC U12 Calendar 2021

March 2nd Town meeting day race at GMVS (Boys & Girls)

March 6th Girls at Burke GS

March 7th Girls at Cochran’s SL

March 7th Boys at Burke GS 

March 14th Boys at Cochran’s SL

NVC U14 Calendar 2021

March 2nd Men at SNSC GS

March 3rd Women at SNSC GS

March 10th Super G at GMVS (Men & Women)

NVC U16 Calendar

March 1st Women at SNSC SL

March 4th Women at GMVS GS

March 4th Men at Stowe GS

March 9th – 11th U16 States

March 14th Men at SS6 SL

March 15th Men at KMS GS

March 20th Women at Pico SL

March 22nd Women at Okemo GS

March 22nd Men at GMVS GS

March 27th Men at Cochran’s SL

March 28th Women at Cochran’s SL

Freeski 2021

March 3rd & 4th Smugglers’ Notch Extreme Challenge