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The Smuggler’s Notch Ski and Snowboard Club offers excellent programs for three disciplines of snow sports: Alpine Racing, Free Skiing and Snowboarding. Founded in 1959, SNSC has a rich history of providing over 50 years of quality, competitive programming on the unique terrain at Smuggler’s Notch Resort. Our wonderful clubhouse facility, located at the base of Sterling Mountain, is home to a strong community of families who love to ski and ride.

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membership options & Info.

Below you will find every topic you need regarding membership at our club and membership rates.


​Yearly fee which allows individual athletes use of the Club amenities and participation in SNSC programs.



Yearly fee which allows family use of Club amenities and entrance into Smugglers' Notch Ski Club programs.


Individual Social

Yearly fee for past members that have fully matriculated through the program, are SNSC alumni or family members.


Family Social

Yearly fee for SNSC alumni families who would like to enjoy the Club amenities but will not participate in SNSC programs.


Let’s get started!​

Familiarize yourself with Alpine Ski Program, FreeSki Program & Snowboard Program you wish to enroll family members into. You will be asked to match programs up with family members in order to calculate your balance.  (Pricing and descriptions are found on the site under each program.) 

  1. Review the types of Club Memberships available and determine the membership you require.  Please review and understand your responsibilities to the club that are part of membership.
  2. Review and understand the mandatory documents you and your family members are required to sign digitally when registering: Code of Conduct, Club Liability & Medical Release, and Club USSA & USASA Volunteer Race.
  3. Proceed to enrollment when ready.  Payment by credit card or check will be accepted.

​For club registration and program questions email:

Club Member Responsibilities and Volunteerism

Once you finalize your registration, you will receive emails from SNSC with great information on what is happening at the Club and links to sign-up for various events to meet your volunteering commitment.

Every ski and snowboard program needs enthusiastic involvement from its members to be successful. Clubs must stand on their own. They must financially support and create their own race trails, terrain parks and pipe, lifts, buildings, snowmaking, racing supplies, and maintain those areas. In response, SNSC hosts many fundraising and competitive events throughout the year that are critical to our club’s financial health. Volunteering your time not only helps SNSC programs, it’s also an enjoyable way to meet other members and make new friends.

Fundraisers: Helping out / participating in our fundraising events keeps the club on firm financial footing. Our annual Ski Sale, Disk Golf Tournament, Casino Night and Calcutta are all important events that help us to hire the best coaches, pay for our clubhouse and keep our program fees as low as possible. Over 60% of the SNSC annual budget comes from fundraising events, so please sign up to do your part to keep the club alive (commitment requirements outlined below).

Club Cleaning Days: There is a sign up poster on the wall by the kitchen. Please be sure to sign up for a clean-up day and when your day comes up, team up with the other family that signed up and scrub-a-dub-dub (commitment requirements outlined below).

Participate:  There are tons of things that need to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. There’s no shortage of tasks, but frequently, a shortage of hands. There are many committees that will benefit from your input and participation. The phrase “many hands make light work” couldn’t more aptly describe our situation at SNSC. Help out by participating as a member of our committees, on-hill events, and other SNSC activities.

 All SNSC family and individual membership holders are required to:

Ski and Board Sale | Donate eight (8) hours during the Ski and Snowboard Sale, Mid-October of each year or additional service will be assigned.
Clubhouse Clean-Up | Complete one (1) session of Clubhouse clean up on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Clean up normally takes 2-3 hours.
Competition Workdays | Work at least four (4) SNSC home competition events per athlete with a maximum of six (6) per family. Most of these races are held on a Saturday or Sunday and range from 5 to 8 hour days.  Skimeister and Ridemeister families will be responsible for only three work events.
Bring food to one race event at SNSC to support the volunteers working that day.

Each participating family will be asked to send a deposit check for $300 at the start of the season.  This check will not be cashed unless the members have been unable to complete their volunteer requirements by the end of the season.  SNSC will provide tracking reports on volunteer activities to each family and Ryan Sheredy, our director is available to discuss any special circumstances.
**Members will be required to provide a $300 deposit check which will be held uncashed.  If they are unable to complete their volunteer requirements by the end of the season, they will forfiet that deposit.  Note first year families are excluded from the deposit requirement and need to particpate in only 2  competition workdays.  **
Scholarship recipients must work off their entire volunteer responsibilities in order to be eligible for scholarship the next season.  If your Volunteer Responsibilities are not met additional club support will be requested.

  1. ​​Professional coaching staff
  2. Video analysis
  3. Pre-season dry land training
  4. Christmas Vacation Camp and February Vacation Camp (See Program Listing)
  5. Potential Off-season, on-snow training camps: (based on interest) Camp costs not included in Program Fees. Camps and camp locations subject to change.
  6. Use of clubhouse:
    • Equipment storage area
    • Bathroom facilities
    • Wireless Internet service
    • Facilities to prepare and eat hot meals
    • Equipment tuning facilities and clinics
  7. Discounts on wax and tuning equipment
  8. On site technical service
  9. Early entry to Ski and Snowboard Sale
  10. Club Email Newsletter
  11. Discounts on equipment, clothing, and accessories
  12. USSA/USASA/VARA liaisons and committee representation
  13. Athlete schedule and travel support
  14. Parking privileges in Club lot
  15. Social events:
    • Family Fundown
    • Team Potlucks
    • Awards Banquet
    • Blast From the Past

And More!
Smugglers’ pass discount extension


Smugglers Notch Ski Education Fund

Scholarship Information

The Smugglers Notch Ski Education Fund (SNSEF) is part of the Smugglers’ Notch Ski and Snowboard Club (SNSC), which is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization.  SNSEF is committed to providing financial assistance for the purpose of instruction, education, and training of young athletes, ages 6-19, in the sport of skiing and snowboarding.  The SNSEF and the SNSC philosophy is to encourage fun; creative learning; to improve the individual proficiency of athletes regardless of their ability; and to help every athlete meet the goals they have set for themselves.  While SNSEF aims to provide financial assistance where there is a need, it is done with the understanding that an athlete and/or his or her family should be responsible for some portion of the cost of the program. 

SNSEF Scholarship Criteria

  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Demonstrate desire to compete and participate in the sport of skiing or snowboarding. Attitude and commitment to training must be consistent with the philosophy of the Program and its Coaching Staff. 
  • Applicants and Parents must meet all obligations of the Program for which the scholarship is being sought. Exemptions would include special cases in which a sponsor from the program would represent the applicant if needed.
  • Scholarship recipients must meet volunteer requirements in order to be eligible for the scholarship during the next season.
  • Ages 6-19.

Scholarship applications will be accepted for consideration when we receive the complete scholarship application with the corresponding documentation. Scholarship applications can be submitted throughout the year to cover a variety of sport related expenses but there is an application deadline of November 15th specifically for annual Program fees.  Scholarship recipients will be notified by November 30th.   Exceptions to the application deadline may be made for special circumstances.

A scholarship application should include the following:

  • Complete Scholarship Application Form – link below.
  • Cover letter addressing the following topics:
    1. A description of the extenuating circumstances creating the need for a scholarship.
    2. What goals does the athlete have in the sport?
    3. Examples of how the athlete and/or the applicant’s family have supported the mission and objectives of SNSC.
  • Copy of last year’s tax returns or other applicable financial information to outline financial need (Additional financial information may be requested as needed).
  • Referral: a) If the applicant was in the club previously then no referral is needed. b) If the applicant is new to the club then a referral from another sport’s coach or a teacher is required.

Please return the completed form and documentation:

  • Electronic copies to the current SNSC Director (Ryan Sheredy,
  • Hard Copies to Smugglers’ Notch Ski & Snowboard Club, PO Box 377 – Jeffersonville, VT 05464-0377


Athletes, coaches, SNSC staff, SNSC members, officials and volunteers are expected to follow the SNSC Code of Conduct, which is based on the USSA Code of Conduct. The SNSC particularly endorses the policy for sportsmanship-like conduct.

Good sportsmanship includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Respect for all event officials and volunteers, ski area employees, SNSC coaches and staff, the skiing and snowboarding public, fellow teammates and fellow competitors.
  2. Respect for facilities and Clubhouse. Respect for private and public property.
  3. Suitable dress and grooming, courtesy and good manners in public places while training, while traveling and at events.
  4. Self control, responsible behavior, consideration for other’s physical and emotional well being. No profane or abusive language or behavior will be tolerated be it verbal, through electronic correspondence, written or through social media. During competition events, such language can lead to disqualification and/or competitor sanctions for future events.  
  5. A positive attitude, which promotes team spirit and team unity and to give your best effort during training.
  6. Honest conduct. No theft, lying or misrepresentation whatsoever.
  7. Conform to the curfew decided upon at the team meeting held during or prior to traveling to competition event.
  8. Attendance in all athletic training unless excused by a coach or coach is so notified in advance.
  9. Attendance at awards ceremonies and receptions. At awards ceremonies that are in conjunction with a banquet, suitable attire is mandatory.

Drugs, tobacco, e-cigarette (re:vaping), alcohol, weapons:

  1. SNSC athletes shall abstain from the use and/or possession of illegal or banned drugs, tobacco products, e-cigarettes (re:vaping) and illegal or immoderate use of alcohol or marijuana**.
    • **Note: SNSC considers the legal age for consumption of alcohol or marijuana as 21 years of age or older regardless of local law.
  2. SNSC coaches, SNSC staff, SNSC members, officials, and volunteers shall abstain from the use and/or possession of illegal or banned drugs, tobacco products, e-cigarettes (re: vaping) and immoderate consumption of alcohol or marijuana. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol or marijuana is permitted for those individuals under the age of 21.
  3. Absolutely no consumption of marijuana on SNSC premises or at SNR or USSA events or functions.
  4. SNSC athletes/members under 21 years of age shall not participate in gatherings involving consumption of alcohol unless it is an official USSA or an SNSC event organized function.
  5. Tools for equipment maintenance are permitted at SNSC facilities and events, but weapons of any sort are not. Know the difference.
  6. Firearms of any sort are not permitted at SNSC facilities and events.

SNSC skiers and riders are expected to ski and ride under control and in a safe manner at all times. It is critical that we all act in a safe manner throughout the season to prevent injuries. 

Ensure your own personal safety and safety of others by using common sense. Be aware of condition, terrain, obstacles, and people around you while you are skiing, riding, and training. You should be familiar with and obey the Skiers Responsibility Code found on the Smugglers’ Notch Trail Map.

Helmets are required by all SNSC Athletes during training and competitions.

Disciplinary Action:
Failure to comply with any of the above provisions may lead to disciplinary action which may include:

  1. Removal from the team trip or training camp.
  2. Suspension from training and/or competition.
  3. Loss of membership and program participation with no refunds.

Any action taken shall be applied fairly and equitably to all parties involved. SNSC Board of Directors, staff, and/or coaches will be notified to decide on consequences of violation. In any instance where illegal activity occurs, law enforcement may be contacted.

Minor Infraction: Has limited impact on the athlete, other athletes or individuals and/or the program as a whole.

Major Infraction: Has serious impact on the athlete, other athletes or individuals and/or the program as a whole.

Minor infractions: may result in withdrawal of training or competition privileges for a short period of time (e.g. 1-2 days)


  • Inappropriate use of language
  • Failure to participate in the designed program
  • Disrespect for other people and property (athletes, coaches, SNSC members, officials, equipment, ski areas, Clubhouse, Etc…)

Repeated minor infractions: 
may result in withdrawal of training or racing privileges for a longer period of time (e.g. 1-2 weeks).
The SNSC Board of Directors, staff, and/or coaches are responsible for administering the disciplinary action for minor infractions and for informing parents/guardians and the Disciplinary Committee on these issues immediately.

Major infractions: 
may result in dismissal from the SNSC as a member, program participant, employee, and/or volunteer.


  • Continued blatant disrespect for other people and property
  • Bullying, sexual harassment, hazing
  • Continued blatant inappropriate use of language
  • Stealing
  • Smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Using, encouraging the use of, or distributing drugs or banned substances
  • Hate speech, threatening behavior, abusive treatment in any medium, physical or emotional

In coordination with the Executive Director, the SNSC Disciplinary Committee, is responsible for administering disciplinary action for major infractions and will notify subject and the SNSC Board president of said action.

Recourse and appeals:
Subject may appeal disciplinary action by asking SNSC Board President for a hearing before the full board at the next scheduled board meeting.

SNSC Disciplinary Committee:

  1. A group comprised of the SNSC Board members.
    • *There will be no refund of membership and/or program fees for time missed resulting from a disciplinary action of any kind.
  2. Any non-member participating in a SNSC sponsored camp or activity, is responsible for complying with the SNSC Code of Conduct.
  3. Parents/Surrogate Parents*/Guardians are responsible for supporting Athlete (youth)/Club member compliance with the SNSC Code of Conduct.

Athlete/Member Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a high level of personal responsibility for oneself.
  2. Be courteous to and respect the decisions of the coaching staff, race officials, and all ski area employees.
  3. Respect other athletes’ dignity. Verbal, electronic, written, social media and physical behaviors that constitute harassment, abuse, or indecent conduct are unacceptable.
  4. Be honest in both actions and words.
  5. Respect property of others as well as Club property.
  6. Be on time.
  7. Participate and commit fully to the training and competition plan as designed by the coaching staff.
  8. Communicate with the coaches on all aspects of their program plan.
  9. Be prepared with equipment tuned and necessary clothing and protective gear.
  10. Conform to curfew during and when traveling to competition events.
  11. Clean up after yourself in and around the Club building, especially the bathroom and kitchen areas.
  12. Label all equipment, clothing, and accessories with name.

Parent/Surrogate Parent*/Member Responsibilities:

  1. Assist SNSC in supporting Club rules and responsibilities.
  2. Ensure your children/surrogate children understand the Club rules and responsibilities.
  3. Look out for your child’s/surrogate child’s interests as they enter, participate, and exit from the program.
  4. Monitor your own expectations of your child’s/surrogate child’s performance and progress, realizing that athletes, who feel they cannot meet their parents’ expectations, quickly lose motivation. Athletes excel in a supportive environment.
  5. Encourage all athletes.
  6. Abide by the officials’ decisions.
  7. Communicate with coaches and SNSC Board Of Directors as needed on aspects of the program.
  8. Commit to the specified fundraising activities that form part of the overall Program and follow through on mandatory volunteerism at your child’s/surrogate child’s competition events both at home and away.
  9. Be sure your children/surrogate children are on time and prepared for weather, training, and daily activities. *Surrogate Parent is defined as someone who is responsible for the athlete (youth) when their parent/guardian is not present.

By signing below, all parties agree that they have read the SNSC Code of Conduct and understand its contents. Furthermore, all parties agree to conduct themselves according to the guidelines in this document.

___________________________________________________________     _______________
Athlete                                                                                                                Date
___________________________________________________________     _______________
Parent/Guardian                                                                                                 Date                                                    

The SNSC Board of Directors is responsible for defining the committees, their mission, and selecting a chair or president.  The committee chair is responsible for selecting the committee, maintaining its membership, and represents the committee at SNSC BOD meeting.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE | President, Vice President, Past President, Treasurer & Secretary
Comprised of BOD members duly authorized to address SNSC financial matters and other responsibilities needing immediate attention that otherwise cannot be addressed by the BOD in a timely manner.

GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE | Pete Davis, Ted Preston, Don Foote, Nicole Bourrassa
To outline and define job scope and hire the staff and other personnel as provided for in the By-Laws.  Assist the BOD in preparing the ballot of Nominees for election at the annual meeting to the BOD.  Government of the Club assuming management and control of its affairs.

To define, review, and update the budgeting and controls philosophy, chart of accounts, and procedures/processes of the Club and prepares the first budget, budget revisions, EOM reports, EOY projections, and EOY reports for the Club and tax reporting purposes.  Looks for long-term sponsors to help develop the club and strengthen it financially.

Maintenance and improvements to timing equipment, race hill, wiring, event communications and Club House.

MEMBERSHIP & MARKETING & COMMITTEE | Michelle Cote, Lori Coseo, Adam Howard, Paul O’Leary and Gwen Farrell
Promote public awareness of the Club with the goal of expanding Club membershipMaintain day to day supplies; coordinate volunteer cleanup, oversee interior decoration, organize Club socials, educating new members, support race staff needs.

FUNDRAISING |  Team Leaders for each event | Chaired by:  Finance & Marketing
Organize and coordinate existing club fundraisers and develop and investigate new opportunities. Organize and implement fundraising efforts through direct mail, email, phone, and/or other means.

PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE | Darrin McLeod, Ryan Sheredy, Tao Campbell, Bryan Salatino, Gwen Farrell, Emmet Manning, Chad Willard
Reviews current programs and recommends any necessary improvements and changes to the BOD. Educate Competition Official candidates on requirements for certification and advancement as alpine and snowboard competition officials. 

SNSEF COMMITTEE | Steve Dobrin, Ray Wells
Nonprofit corporation formed to provide instruction, education, training, and competition in the sports of skiing and snowboarding through financial assistance granted to qualifying Smugglers’ Notch Ski and Snowboard Club (SNSC) members.

Determine the qualifications for SNSEF financial assistance, provide the format and means by which applicants apply for and are granted scholarships, review submitted applications and grant financial assistance to qualifying SNSC member skiing and snowboarding applicants.

We are excited and pleased to welcome you to our Ski & Snowboard club here at the Smugglers’ Notch Ski Resort. Your first weekend at the club may seem a bit overwhelming, especially at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning. With over 300 members and 130 athletes, the club is a beehive of activity with coaches, kids, parents and families all scrambling out of their shoes and into their boots for a day on the mountain.  

This Guide has been written to help you understand:

  • What to expect from the club and what is expected of you as a new member.
  • Where things / people are supposed to go.
  • When the club is open / closed, and when you or your kids are supposed to be somewhere.
  • Who’s who in the club.
  • How to find the people and information you’ll need.


General Info: Updates and all other club information can be found on our website.

  • Group updates: Call or email your child’s coach.
  • Daily updates: Check the white board by the TV on main level
  • Specific question: 802-644-1177
  • Executive Director:  Chad Willard

To browse program offerings select the following links. A new window will open.
Alpine Program   Freeski Program  Snowboard Program  

Expect a bustling, busy and energetic scene on weekend mornings when you arrive shortly before your kid’s group is supposed to meet. In general, the earlier you arrive, the better off you’ll be. You’ll find more space and time to prepare your child and yourself for a great day on the slopes. Conversely, if you arrive just in the nick of time to meet your group, you’ll be rushing and stressing and that one troublesome finger in your child’s mitten will fold over and they won’t be able to get their mitten on their hand. AIEEEE!!!

  1. Rushing = Stress. Give yourself a break and arrive early.
  2. Don’t start your day off on the wrong foot.
  3. Coaches meet their groups either inside or outside the club, depending on weather. In general, when coaches refer to the meeting times, they mean that this is the time that your child should be:
  • Dressed for the weather (stay away from cotton and remember that layers are the best bet!)
    In their boots, helmets, gloves and ready to ski or ride.
  • Outside, with equipment ready to go.
  • Unfortunately, when a family arrives minutes before the group meeting time, chaos results and the child, parent and group all suffer. Check in with your child’s coach to make sure you understand when and where the group is meeting and plan accordingly.


  1. Relax. This will happen to the most conscientious families.
  2. Ask a coach, or office manager for some assistance. (More on them later…)
  3. Relax. Driving conditions in Vermont can be dicey. Get here safely, even if you’re going to be late.
  4. Once you’ve made a member of the SNSC staff aware that you’ve arrived late and missed your group, they’ll contact your child’s coach by radio to notify them that you arrived late. They will establish a meeting time, at a specific lift, or in front of the club, so that your child will be reunited with his or her group.
  5. Relax. The days are long and your child will have a blast once hooked up with their group.
  6. Understand that the SNSC staff and coaches are here to help you. Many of us have kids of our own and can appreciate the challenges of corralling them into the car and getting to the mountain. Sometimes, chaos wins. Don’t stress out. We’re here to help.
  7. Relax. So, I arrived on time and I’ve got my kids in their boots, helmet, gloves, equipped and ready to go. Now what?

O.K., so now your kid is all equipped and ready to go? Great job! Now it’s time to get them hooked up and introduced to their coach. Feel free to ask any of them for directions. If you would like to see what your coach looks like, refer to the picture of all SNSC Coaches and Staff on the poster you’ll find in the main level of the clubhouse on the bulletin board. Once again, checking in with your coach via e-mail or phone before the weekend is a great way to learn where and when they will be meeting on any given day. As a new club member, please be advised that YOU and YOUR FAMILY are welcome to use the club during the less-busy weekdays. The clubhouse is open every day of the week and if you want to enjoy it midweek, come on up and check it out when it’s a lot less busy than the weekends or holiday weeks.

Remember the sign-up forms you signed when you joined the club? If you haven’t signed up to assist with SNSC events, it’s time to do so. Pick a day(s) that works for you and your family and make sure that you don’t forget the date. There are many assignments for each event, some indoors, some outdoors. Some assignments require a bit of training, others don’t, so ask questions about your options for job assignments and choose the one you feel best suited for. You’ll find that your day will be enjoyable and in some cases, you’ll have the best seat in the house to watch the event!

Treat the clubhouse like it’s your own home.
If you see destructive behavior taking place, please report it immediately. If there are problems of any kind, let our staff know and we’ll handle it as soon as possible.FundraisersHelping out / participating in our fundraising events keeps the club on firm financial footing. Our annual ski sale, golf tournament, and Casino Night are all important events that help us to hire the best coaches, pay for our clubhouse and keep our program fees as low as possible. Over 60% of the SNSC annual budget comes from fundraising events, so please sign up to do your part to keep the club alive.Clean-up days.There is a sign up poster on the wall by the kitchen.

Please be sure to sign up for a clean up day and when your day comes up, team up with the other family that signed up and scrub-a-dub-dub.ParticipateThere are tons of things that need to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. There’s no shortage of tasks, but frequently, a shortage of hands. There are many committees that will benefit from your input and participation. The phrase “many hands make light work” couldn’t more aptly describe our situation at SNSC. Help out by participating as a member of our committees, in fundraising events, on-hill events and other SNSC activities.

We’ve spent thousands of dollars on club renovations, some of which have changed the general use of the clubhouse.

  • Boots: Go home at the end of every day.
  • Skis / Boards: May be stored on a first come / first serve basis in one of the two large storage closets downstairs in the basement level.
  • Day Packs: Are to be stored on the hooks provided on every level.
  • Food: In the fridge, but only on a daily basis. NOTE: All food is thrown out of the fridge on Sunday evening.
  • Main Level: Used for meeting, socializing, hanging out, booting up, cooking and eating.

Used for eating, booting up and meeting friends.

TECH ROOM (locked door on Basement level)
Is the coaches room. It is also the only place in the club where skis or boards may be tuned or waxed.

You’ll find our offices, timing room, tutorial / meeting room and phones. Video analysis and off-hill coaching frequently takes place in the upstairs tutorial / meeting room. In general, the office is not a place to hang out. It’s a work space where it needs to be quiet. Kids are not encouraged to frequent this area.


  • Weekends, the club opens at 7:30 or earlier and closes at 4:30 – 5:00 PM.
  • The club is open midweek at 8:00 AM and closed at 4:30 – 5:00 PM depending on the training schedule.
  • These hours will be maintained throughout the winter, 7 days a week.

WHEN ARE MY KIDS SUPPOSED TO BE SOMEWHERE?A general rule of thumb is to arrive at least 15-30 minutes before your child’s group is scheduled to meet. This will allow you plenty of time to get ready for the day’s activities. If you’re not sure what’s going on:

  • Check with your coach
  • See the blog on the Web site.
  • Call if you have questions: 802-644-1177

One important thing to remember is if you are pulling your child out of their program early, you MUST let the coach know. If you don’t and the coach is not aware that your child has left with you, it creates a “lost child in the mountains” situation that puts an alarming amount of people into action needlessly. Please make sure that your coach knows if you’re pulling your child out early and DON’T DEPEND on your child to tell the coach.


  • Be sure to check the aforementioned coach and staff picture board.
  • Fill in the contact info for your child’s coach and keep a copy at your home and in your wallet.
  • Additionally, SNSC Board Members can be of huge help. A list of board members is available.

Make sure that your child has some spending money in his or her pocket. On any given day, they may need the money for: Hot chocolate, handwarmers, snack, etc. PLEASE don’t put SNSC coaches into the awkward position of having to pay for your child’s hot cocoa on a cold day.

Hand Warmers

  • Stuff a packet of two into their jacket and make sure they know that they are in there.


  • Your child should bring a day pack with them to the club. This will keep their stuff organized and zipped up. They may hang their pack on any one of the many hooks found throughout the clubhouse.


  • Make sure that you’ve provided your child with lunch, or money to purchase lunch in the base lodge. Make sure that they know WHERE to find their lunch when they break after their morning session.


  • It’s best to send your child with extra layers of clothing. They may keep their extra layers in their daypack (see above). When considering what to pack or dress your child in, remember the old Mountaineer adage: “Cotton Kills”. Dressing your child in a base layer of cotton is NOT recommended. Once it gets wet, cotton wicks body heat away. The result is a wet, cold kid. Synthetic fibers such as polypro, fleece or dry fit are all better suited for keeping warm and dry throughout the day.


  • 12 pick-up truckloads of unclaimed clothing, boots, skis and other equipment were removed from the clubhouse this year. None of this gear had the owner’s name written upon it. PLEASE LABEL your clothing, equipment and accessories. Example: Your kid leaves his snowboard outside in the rack in front of the clubhouse. At the end of the day, it’s found, but with no name or SNSC identification on the board, we cannot assume that it belongs to a club member. What if it belongs to one of the kids enrolled in a Ski School program that meets in front of the clubhouse every morning? Without any identification, we can’t assume that the board is one of our member’s so it remains in the rack overnight. To avoid the drama, simply LABEL all your gear with your name and the letters SNSC.

The kitchen area is available for all members to use. It is the responsibility of EVERY MEMBER to clean up after themselves. DO NOT leave dirty dishes, food containers, coffee cups etc. in the sink for “someone else” to clean.

If you have any questions, need information, don’t understand something about the club, race schedules, event sign-ups, etc. Please feel free to ask questions. Veteran members of SNSC, your child’s coach, the club director and administrative assistant are all available and will do their best to answer your questions. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll be sure to research the issue or refer you to someone who can help you out.

Member parking in the small lot below the clubhouse is available on a FIRST COME / FIRST SERVE basis. Don’t park other members in. A great option for parking is to continue past the limited MEMBER PARKING space and proceed to the upper lot. From the upper lot, you can ski or ride directly to the front door of the clubhouse. At the end of the day, make sure to time your final run so that you can ski or ride right to your car. PLEASE DO NOT PARK in the DRIVEWAY above the Member Parking lot.

Please DO NOT leave your boots in the clubhouse overnight. We have had problems with mold and boots are a prime source of bacteria. Please bring your boots home to dry and do not leave in the clubhouse.

You’re welcome to store your food in the fridge, but please DO NOT leave overnight.

Kindly refrain from dragging snow and mud into the building. To keep our club in great shape, please do your best to clean your board / skis off and kick off any excess snow and / or mud from your boots BEFORE entering the clubhouse. This really helps us keep the clubhouse moisture down and eliminates puddles of melted snow that accumulate on the new rubber-flooring surface.

One of your best reference guides for learning the inner workings of the Smugglers’ Notch Ski & Snowboard Club is the updated version of the SNSC Member Handbook. The Handbook contains tons of useful information and may be downloaded here. Print out a copy or review it on-line for reference.

Something to keep in mind is that SNSC memberships and program fees DO NOT include lift access. For most families, the best bet is to purchase a Smugglers’ Notch Season Pass. That way, you can just ski up to the lift and not have to bother going to the ticket window to purchase an individual day ticket. The resort kindly extends pre-Labor Day discount rated season pass prices up to the date of the SNSC Ski & Snowboard Sale that historically takes place in the middle of October.

In order for our club to meet our payroll and other financial commitments, we have established the following terms and conditions.

You can choose to make your payment in full at the start of the season for your program and membership fees or you can choose to make it across three equal installments as follows;

  • By November 7th, 2016 submitted with your signed liability and code of conduct waivers.
  • By December 15th, 2016 (Second payment)
  • By January 30th, 2017 (Final payment)

Payments can be made either by credit card or check during the registration process which will include instructions for both forms.  If you choose to make installments, please plan on making paying the full third due by the date of each installment.   

At SNSC we are committed to the most affordable programming we can offer and therefore it is critical to our season, that members are able to maintain their payment commitments in a timely manner.  Late payments can result in suspension of your athlete’s privileges at the club.   However, we will work with families that need flexibility and that process is handled by Steve Dobrin our Treasurer.  Please contact him at (802 730 3149) with any questions or concerns.

Want to Become a SNSC Member?

We would love for you to join our mountain family. Get started by filling out our online registration form!

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