alpine u14


Alpine u14 Team

Ages:  12-13
Coaches: Nate Chipman (Head)
Start-End Dates: Nov 25, 2023 – April 7, 2024 
Training Hours Weekend: Sat & Sun 8AM – 1PM
Training Hours Mid-Week:  Varying
Cost: $1,430 + Family Membership
NOTE: Smugglers Notch Academy is offered with this program

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A goal oriented program that teaches many new skills through a variety of progression models and competitions. This is an action packed program. Each week there is something challenging, fun, and new for all participants. Program highlights include all mountain free-skiing, gate training, gate drills, free-ski skills, bumps, and more! Skiers participating in the 2+ day program have the option to compete in the Northern Vermont Council U-14 race series. Competitions require VARA and USSA membership.


SNSC creates a fun, learning environment that challenges the athlete both physically and mentally. It is our desire and responsibility to instill sportsmanship as a foundation from which our athletes can achieve their personal best.

U-14’s Fall under these three phases in the USSA Long Term Athlete Development Process:

Phase 2 – Athletes will develop a good balanced parallel stance, proper pole plants, and the beginning elements of a carved ski.
Phase 3 – Athletes who are beginning to carve will develop those skills to the point of proficiency.
Phase 4 – Athletes will apply their carving skills to the race course where they can fine tune them. See USSA Long Term Athlete Development Process at for more information.

Coaches work individually with athletes on personal goals specific to an event or level of achievement. The overall competition goal for the U-14 athlete is an understanding of the event process, including rules, inspection, and personal responsibility for start times. In general, we would like our athletes to develop the event knowledge and personal discipline that ultimately leads to self-sufficiency on race day. This, like many other things in ski racing, is a skill that needs to be developed early and yields benefits in other aspects of the athlete’s life.

In Vermont we have three junior councils, or regions, which are Northern, Mid, and Southern. During our regular season, athletes compete within their own council to qualify for the U-14 State Championships. At the last race of the regular season, a State team is chosen from each council (for qualifying information, please contact the Head Coach or the Alpine Director). The location of the U-14 State Championship races rotates annually between regions. Those athletes who do not qualify for States will represent their home mountain in the George Tormey Cup Challenge. The George Tormey Cup Challenge awards both teams and individuals. Athletes participating in the 2 day + program have the option to compete in the Northern Vermont Council U-14 race series. Competitions require VARA and USSA membership.

The following provides overview highlights of the Program’s curriculum. Should a more detailed curriculum be desired, please contact the Head Coach.

  • Conditioning: Fall training focusing on anaerobic endurance and strength.
  • Freeskiing: As much as humanly possible. (60% of on-snow time)
  • Freeskiing drills: The early season will focus on Freeskiing Drills before we get into gates, then throughout the season as needed on an individual basis. The primary focus of drills is to build athletes fundamental skills, pressure, edging, rotation, and balance.
  • Gate drills: Will be used frequently throughout the season. (10% on snow time)
  • Speed skills: introduction to speed elements and skills (jumping, terrain features, tucking).
  • Gate training: race preparation training, Will occur almost daily. (30% on snow time)
  • Video analysis: Will occur as needed. The athlete will watch video of themselves, however, the need for the athlete to develop the ability to feel their skiing, and not become dependent on video is critical.
  • Mental skills training/Goal setting: Daily. Any athlete in any sport who wishes to be the best they can be needs to spend time with mental skill training. Imagery, focus, and especially attitude will be addressed daily.
  • Equipment preparation, maintenance. All athletes will be trained in race ski preparation and they shall be responsible for maintaining their own equipment.

SL skis, GS skis, Helmets, protective gear (shin guards, pole guards, forearm guards)